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  • I moved the stops on the rails for the bed, so it comes down lower, and is easier to get in/out of, I did find that some of the lights were badly installed, with only two screws vs. the four…   Read more»

  • Yes, few minor quality issues, the biggest issue so far was with the sideout, motor wasn’t working well, dealer fixed/replaced it and it seems to be working great now, although you have to be on power or generator it seems…   Read more»

  • The 2613 without much loaded is heavy on the hitch, 1400lbs for a 7700lbs trailer!  If you put water in it will increase the weight on the front significantly.  Fuel tank fuel helps to compensate a bit, but it is…   Read more»

  • I recently purchased an ST-2613 (2018), which is also rated 12,800, dry is around 7,700, does anyone have recommendations on how to balance out the weight distribution to compensate for toys loaded, I figure the best way is to add…   Read more»